Have you watched crews go by and thought, “I’d love to try that” or “It’s time I got back on the water”?

Do you like to push yourself physically?

Are you competitive?  

Do you love being outdoors on cool foggy mornings, gliding on water as the sun rises or taking in the crisp dry air of a fall morning?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of rowing, you know that there’s nothing quite like it. And look at rowing’s benefits:

  1.    It’s a total fitness workout

  2.       engaging all major muscle

  3.       groups in a balanced manner.

  4.    It’s a great cardiovascular and

        strength-building exercise.

  1.    It can be done year-round, life-

        long, regardless of age or

        fitness level.

  1.    It promotes teamwork, problem

        solving and a real sense of

        achievement and control.

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Whether you’re new to rowing or an experienced oarswoman, we can assist you to get you on your way.

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