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Why The Moms
Why The Moms
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Why row with Martha’s Moms?

Are you a competitive athlete who:

  1.   Loves to win at the sports you do?

  2.   Craves intense workouts?

  3.   Wants to improve your rowing with

  4.    first- rate coaching?

  5.   Appreciates teammates as focused

  6.    and friendly as you?

You’re invited to try Martha’s Moms women’s masters crew team in Seattle.

The Moms are competitive athletes who have been winning women’s masters crew races for 26 years, including the Head of the Charles, San Diego Crew Classic, Seattle’s 2010 Head of the Lake (W E8+). 

“The Moms have a good reputation, says team member Jannie Curtin, Seattle graphic designer and mother of two.  “Because of the Moms’ experience, there’s an expectation for winning. At the same time, there’s a balance with the social side of the team.... It’s a great group of women.”

Adds longtime Moms’ team member, Pamela McCabe, "I row for exercise, physical fitness, and the remarkable camaraderie of the Moms.”                                                                                                                                                         



        2010 Head of the Lake

                 and their first place medal